Providing expert histopathology services to improve patient care and develop disease prevention. Committed to supporting clinical research by offering a complete diagnostics service.

Pathognomics was founded in 2016 and has rapidly become a provider of integrated state-of-the-art laboratory services based in Huntingdon, UK. We provide a complete histopathology and clinical diagnostics service for cut up, processing and reporting of pre-prepared slides, blocks and wet surgical specimens. Pathognomics also offers a fully managed service for tissue retention with regards to Coroners’ work.

Pathognomics is now part of Cyted. Learn more here

What we do


We offer full and bespoke diagnostic services with a focus cellular pathology

Digital Pathology

Secure remote and online access to digital slides


We are committed to supporting research and offer CRO services from sample dissection, cutting and staining to digital pathology