May 31, 2017


We operate a fully equipped laboratory to providing a consistent and high quality operation from dissection to digital reporting. Our laboratory is currently achieved by the following:

Specimen Dissection

Specimen dissection is carried out by a trained Biomedical Scientist with support from a clinical team as required.


We have two Thermo Fisher Path Centres with programmes for;

  • Overnight Processing
  • Urgent Biopsies
  • Fatty and large Blocks
  • Weekend Programme


Embedding is prepared on a standard Leica embedding centre with heated forceps.

Section Cutting

All section cutting is undertaken on a Thermo Scientific Finesse Microtome for both small and large blocks.

H&E Staining

All automated staining is on our Myreva SS-30 slide stainer for consistent quality.

Special Stains

We currently have the following stains on automation (Myreva SS-30 slide stainer); ABPAS, PAS, DPAS, DABPAS.

All special stains are carried out by trained laboratory staff.

Our speciality repertoire includes; Alcian Blue, Congo Red, EVG, Gram, Grocott, Hexamine, HVG, Masson Trichrome, MSB, Oil Red O, Orcein, Perls, Retic-Gordon and Sweets, Von Kossa, ZN


Our IHC is provided by a Roche Ventana BenchMark XT

The BenchMark XT system delivers consistent, high-quality results while at the same time improving workflow, flexibility and increasing test volume
• Single drawer of 30 slide positions and 35 reagent
• Process up to 60 slides in 8 hours, or 90 slides with an overnight run
• Simultaneous IHC, ISH, SISH, Dual Stain, and FITC slide processing

Current Antibody List: CD3, CD8, CD20, CD31, CD34, HMB45 (Melanosome), H-Pylori, MITF, Melan A (MART), p63, PD1, Vimentin

We are happy to expand our repertoire on request.

Slide Scanning

We have a IV-CE accredited Hamamatsu slide scanner capable of scanning both small and large slides.

The NanoZoomer S60 supports both brightfield and fluorescence imaging. Brightfield and fluorescence images of whole tissues can be superimposed and viewed.

The NanoZoomer S60 uses an sCMOS camera for scientific measurement to capture precise fluorescence images, resulting in improved image quality with high sensitivity and shorter scanning time compared to the conventional NanoZoomer series.