Pathognomcis provides a complete histopathology and clinical diagnostics service for the dissection, processing, and reporting of wet surgical specimens and pre-prepared blocks or slides through our ISO15189:2012 accredited laboratory facility.  Pathognomics provides a bespoke  service to our client whether it is within an NHS Trust or a private clinical provider.

  • ISO 15189:2012 Accreditation
  • Reporting by specialist GMC registered consultant pathologists
  • 24 hour online access to a secure system with email notification when reports are ready
  • Rapid turn around time
  • Dedicated administration and support team
  • Competitive prices

Submitting Samples

Regardless if the sample is wet , pre-pared slides or in a block we have strict acceptance criteria to ensure patient safety, for full details and for our request form please go to our download page

Customer Support

Pathognomcis has a dedicated Customer Support team, who manages the process from sample receipt, to reporting and return.

Our team of scientific and laboratory professionals are available to offer technical and diagnostic advice and any queries regarding logistics and delivery of results.

Phone: 01480453437

Email: Operations@pathognomics.com

Electronic Delivery of Reports

Our secure online laboratory information system (secured on ISO27001 severs hosted by Rackspace), alerts our client via email when reports are ready to view.

Reports are downloadable as PDFs.

Our systems has multiple security systems ensuring that clients only receive their own reports and we adhere to NHSDigital to ensure we meet the same standards as our NHS clients

Wet Laboratory

We have a fully state of the art laboratory offering full service including special stain and immunohistochemistry

Specialities and Pathologists

We cover the full range of speicalities and all our pathologists are GMC registered and currently hold NHS positions